Green Coffees

The coffee harvest in Myanmar runs from December through March, and Mandalay Coffee Group purchases ripe cherries from three regions during that season. (In addition to the three major profiles below, MCG processes and sells coffee from member farms in the Pyin Oo Lwin area – please contact us for more information about those coffees.)

Ywangan, Southern Shan State
In this region, smallholders cultivate varieties including about 80% Catuai, and 20% S-795, Catimor, Caturra, and San Ramon. Some communities in this mountainous region have been working recently with Winrock International to strengthen farmer organizations and produce outstanding dry natural coffees. MCG sources fresh cherries from many of those same communities to produce washed coffee & natural coffee at our own facility. This cup typically displays lush notes of fresh peach, savory-sweet cherry tomato, floral, black tea, yellow fruits and honey.

Pyin Oo Lwin, Mandalay Region
In the area nearest to our processing facility, estates and smallholders cultivate varieties including SL-34, SL-28, S-795, Geisha, Catimor and Costa Rica T8667. Here coffees are grown primarily under the orderly shade of silver oak and macadamia trees. This cup is reliable for notes of smooth milk chocolate with almond, bright lemon acidity, and balanced attributes.

Mogok, Mandalay Region
Though more famous for its rubies, Mogok also produces some excellent coffees. This region boasts good elevation for Arabica production (4500 ft / 1372 masl), and is home to the estate that took first place in the washed category of the 2017 national cupping competition. MCG sources SL-34, Catimor  H-528, and Yellow Catuai from this area, and this cup is prized for its heavy body and rich flavor notes of dark chocolate and cherry.

Buying from us
MCG is an exporter that typically only works with importers who can handle full or partial container loads. If you are a roaster interested in buying smaller volumes of MCG coffees, email and inquire about our importing partners near you. We will be happy to connect you, or discuss other possibilities for direct shipments.